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About the Author

I was born into a family with 6+children, which means I was part of a small-cap organization since my inception. As I grew up I watched how each individual sibling played a major role in ensuring the continued operation of our family unit, they each had a specific responsibility and they carried it out, not always with great enthusiasm, but they got the job done. They were my teachers. This could explain why I have such an affinity for the inner workings/operations of a company and the people that serve as its backbone.

Growing up in a matriarchal blue-collar middle-class family, the values of hard work, tenacity, collaboration, perseverance, steadfastness and self-sacrifice was instilled in me at a very early age and has been with me to this day. These principles were further refined and nurtured by my Uncle Tom, my mentor in leadership, entrepreneurship and all business best practice principles. He created a paradigm of exemplary leadership and it is the same archetype I use today to lead, to inspire, to motivate, and to succeed.

As mentioned in my post, I am a seasoned executive with more than twenty years of experience in the financial services, consumer/retail service industries. I have spent a majority of these years serving in a leadership capacity either as a Vice-President, a Director or C-level executive with staff responsibilities in various operation, front-office and advisory roles.

I have established operational infrastructures for start-up companies; designed and implemented organizational changes to increase efficiency and employee morale, increased the bottom line, developed and improved client relationships and customer service, streamlined operations/reduced costs, established risk management controls, and served as an adviser on industry rules and regulations.

And yet, what I enjoyed most and what gave me my most satisfaction and fulfillment is leading and mentoring others in achieving the company’s vision and their individual professional and personal goals. This is what I believe the role of a leader should be, for them, the company and their staff.

It is what I do!

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